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Shivani Devaiah Ganesh, CEO and founder of CyberSafeHorizon, conceptualized and created this online cybersecurity education service to help children her own age— children and young adults. Recognizing cyberbullying and irresponsible use of social media as significant issues for her generation, she wanted to help today's digitally-minded youth globally by providing cybersecurity awareness education.

Shivani’s interest in cyberbullying, cybersecurity, and online safety began in elementary school following several personal incidents. In subsequent years, her interest grew through middle school as she learned about the national and global impact of these issues. During her freshman year of high school, she wrote and published a documentary regarding Data Privacy vs. Security. She even wrote her Junior Research paper on the impact of cybersecurity on national security, focusing specifically on the 2016 election process. This provided the impetus to hasten her efforts to start the company called CyberSafeHorizon that she had been working on for over past 4 years and make a bigger impact on the digital world via cybersecurity education. The goal is to spread awareness of cybersecurity and educate the kids and young adults globally to empower them to be safe online. She has developed an online educational portal called as well as designed a cloud-based Learning Management System.

As the CEO and founder, she’s been able to meet a lot of other amazing leaders and has been able to learn greatly from them.  She was invited to speak at the Cyber Future Foundation by Shawn Tuma, its General Counsel and Founding Trustee and World renowned Cybersecurity Lawyer to speak about Online Safety for kids. She was also invited by Senator Rick Santorum to meet with him and to attend the Cyber Security Summit in Boston, MA and learned so much from him both about cybersecurity challenges and about leadership, which was extremely valuable especially coming from someone who ran for the United States Presidential office in 2016. 

She is a senior at The Hockaday School, Dallas and it is at Hockaday that she really found a voice to express her passion and a passion to educate.


CyberSafeHorizon strives to bring awareness of safely and securely navigating the internet to kids and teens.



To enjoy the full benefits of an interconnected world, kids and teens should be educated and empowered to safely use the connected devices.


Kids and teens may hesitate to learn about cybersecurity thinking it is too technical. Our Motto is to provide you a friendly and easy way to equip yourselves with knowledge about cybersecurity so that you will be ever-prepared. And the best part is that we sieve away all the geeky stuff and make learning cybersecurity a fun experience. Come ride with us to the horizon, CyberSafeHorizon!